5 Important Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors

Whether it is for residential roof replacement or a commercial roofing repair project, you will certainly find yourself in the phase of selecting a provider from a wide pool of roofing contractors. It is in this phase that you will have to be diligent, you will need to ensure that you are vetting them thoroughly and asking the right questions to get the information you need.

These 5 questions are based around the same goal in mind, and can help you find a roofing contractor who could prove to be the best fit for you.

1. What Is Your Expertise?

Roofing contractors

Even if you are talking to specialty contractors such as those who only do roof replacement projects, this question can help you determine what kind of roofing they can help you with the most. For instance, while most roofing contractors may easily install composite or asphalt shingles, the number of those providers who are proficient in proving slate roofing could be minimal. Hence, this question can help you gauge the area of expertise of contacted roofing contractors and help you decide whether they are a good fit for you.


2. What Are Some of Your Recently Completed Roofing Projects?

This question, while seemingly abrasive, is actually very thoughtful. Just like how you wouldn’t get selected at an interview where you need to demonstrate a certain skill set, roof contractors also need to inform you about their past work experience in order to get your business. Reliable roofing contractors also do not mind this question, since they have a portfolio with their completed work ready to go in order to determine their prowess to potential clients.


3. Do You Have Any References?

This question can once again prove to be important to help you learn more about the work history of the roofing contractors you have contacted for completing your roofing project. In this day and age, digital testimonials are just as efficient as a phone number of another past customer of any roof contractor. The answer could be as easy as them guiding you to the verified testimonials on their website, asking this question is more helpful than you may think.


4. How Much Time Will You Require to Complete My Roofing Project?

This question will direct the conversation towards your personal roofing project while also helping you determine the time that the roofing contractors will require in completing it. It is not only about their expertise and knowledge in relation to your particular roofing requirement, but also in other matters as well.


5. What Will Be the Cost of Completing My Roofing Project?

While this seems like a no-brainer, there are those of us who believe in quality over pricing, and thus do not ask this question until it is too late for them to look into other roof contractors.  Always ensure to make pricing a part of your initial discussion. It will not make you look cheap – it will just let you come off as someone who wants to know what they are getting into.


Look for a Contractor Who Fulfills These Requirements

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of roof contractors you can find online. However, the key is to keep a clear head and vet them thoroughly in order to ensure that you are making the best choice possible. The Federal Trade Commission in  the U.S. provides a set of guidelines while selecting contractors, which also extends to roofing, Make sure to follow them and obtain helpful information accordingly.

Of all of your house and commercial building fixtures, roofing is something that stays with you for decades. It needs to be installed in a manner that is not hasty. Take your time while going through roof contractors and make an informed decision.