A Roofing Repair Horror Story – How to Save Yourself from Being a Part of It

Reliable, communicative, trustworthy, honest, competent, and transparent. roof installation

These are the different components that one looks for in a relationship with any potential servicer. Some businesses do micro transactions that will last for a while. For instance, the purchase of a few carrot sticks or can of beans from Walmart. That purchase will only last for a while, and it doesn’t cause that much of a dent in your wallet. Depending upon how your experience was, you may perform the transaction again, or not. It doesn’t matter much to you either way, since the purchase didn’t have a significant impact on your wallet or your life.


On the other hand, larger transactions such as roofing repair certainly do have an impact on your life. A botched roof installation or repair job would have a negative impact on your psyche and on your wallet, by causing you tons of worry and potentially hundreds of dollars in mending the bad repair job long after it has been completed.


Make sure to do due your due diligence when dealing with a roof installation and repair company. You want someone that will be there for you if something goes wrong. You want someone that won’t do a bad job in the first place and has stellar reviews. You want a roof installation and roofing repair company that will make sure to be transparent with you and not engage in any funny business such as placing dents in your roof and telling you that you have problems.


There are many instances when roofing repair companies treat their clients in the wrong way. Here’s a story of what not do when dealing with a roof installation company.


A Word to the Wise When Looking for Roofing Repair Companies

Here’s the tale of a couple based in the Southern part of the United States. They’ve been together for a while, he’s served in the military and she has served in the medical industry for a while. They have contributed to society in the best ways that they can and they live a humble life. They are not exceptionally wealthy, they are middle class and they are working Americans. They pay their taxes and they’ve raised their children well on the values of integrity and kindness.

They live their life and day in and day out, similar schedules. One day, a storm hits their house, this storm brings hail and causes severe damage to the roof and to their cars parked outside as well.

Jason and his wife don’t know what to do, they have to get these issues repaired as soon as possible, if they don’t, they will be stuck with more problems. A roofing repair company stops by their home and tells them that they could help them out. All they have to do is to simply fork over about $14,000 up front and the work will begin soon.

Jason and Shelley agree to the deal. They believe that the roof installation company is legitimate. They think that they are dealing with a roof installation company that has significant expertise in all areas of roofing. And from what they have been told, they think they will get the best roof installation job and while at it, the roofer would also ensure that they have a good gutter installation and perform gutter repair as well if there is a need to do so.

The roof installation comes by in a few weeks, they start to do the job and they take a while. They show up sporadically, they don’t show up on time and on schedule.

There are holes in the roof now, but they stay that way since the roof installation workers have stopped showing up. Jason and Shelley start to get worried. They realize after some time that the roofing repair company has left them stranded. They try to find recourse, but it takes a while. They finally are awarded damages but the roof installation company files for bankruptcy.

In the end, Jason and Shelley did not have only have to settle on a fraction of the amount they paid, but also having to spend way more than they originally did to have the half-baked roofing repair job completed. Not to mention the time it took for the  process to get completed, which was more than twice the intended time estimation they had to cover their home from weather exposition – which ended up being exposed to weather conditions anyway.

All in all, Jason and Shelly had to pay a big cost just because they didn’t do their due diligence.

In order to avoid the same fate as the couple mentioned above, make sure that you always check who you are dealing with by going through their reviews, their Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, their previous jobs, and the experience that they bring to the table.

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