The Top Misconceptions About Diamonds

If you are looking at engagement rings you have probably come across a lot of information regarding diamonds. While it is great to www.thediamondreserve.comdo your research and talk to custom jewelers about diamonds, you should know the top misconceptions out there. It is very important to know all the facts about diamonds because it is a big investment.


The first misconception is that diamonds are formed from coal. This is not true. This is also probably the most common misconception. They are made of carbon. And while there is no way to tell for sure how a diamond forms naturally, we do know that it is not from coal. Instead, diamonds form in the earth’s mantle and then pushed to the surface of the earth.


The second misconception is that diamonds are rare. They are actually one of the most common precious gemstones. However, diamonds represent a small portion of organic materials on earth so they are rare in that sense. Diamonds may not be rare but they are very valuable.


The third misconception is that diamonds are imperishable. The fact is diamonds are hard, however that does not mean they are tough. However, if you take proper care of a diamond it will last for centuries.


The fourth misconception is that diamonds are precious. This is only a misconception because there is not exact science about what gem is precious and what is not precious.


The fifth misconception is that the bigger the diamond is the better it is. This is not true all of the time. The diamond’s value is actually based on four different criteria. The four criteria include cut, color, carat and clarity. If a diamond is large in size but has poor color and cut then it will not be worth as much.


The sixth misconception is that diamonds sold online are not real. This is not always the case. There is a chance you could buy a fake diamond online. However, if you buy from a trusted source then you will receive a real diamond. If you are looking to buy a diamond and are located in the Denver area reach out to The Diamond Reserve. They are a trusted Denver Jeweler that will help you find the best quality diamond.


The seventh misconception is that diamonds are only associated with engagement rings. There are many gem options for engagement rings and diamonds have other uses as well.


The eighth misconception is that the belief that the more facets a diamond has, the better the diamond is. This is not true. Facets are part of the reason for a diamond’s brilliance but not the only reason. The cut is also a factor in a diamond’s brilliance. If a diamond is cut poorly then the amount of facets does not matter.


There are many misconceptions associated with diamonds and hopefully, some of this information helped clear things up for you. If you are looking for a diamond ring make sure you do your research and buy from a trusted jeweler.

What To Expect When Getting A Tooth Pulled

One day eventually you may have to have a tooth pulled. There are many reasons you may need a tooth pulled. If you have damage to one of your teeth and it is just beyond repair, then you Cosmetic Dentistmay need to have it pulled and replaced. You may then need to look into dental implants. Also, if your tooth is decayed and cannot be brought back to normal health then it will need to be pulled as well. Another reason for pulling a tooth is if you have too many teeth for the size of your mouth. If you are getting your teeth aligned and there is just not enough space in your mouth for all of your teeth your dentist may need to pull a tooth to make room.


Another reason for pulling a tooth is because of infection. If you have damage to the middle of your tooth where the nerves are located, bacteria can get there and cause an infection. If a root canal or antibiotics cannot cure the infection then they will need to remove the tooth entirely. Also, gum disease can cause a tooth to become weak and they dentist may recommend pulling it.


If your dentist recommends pulling a tooth there are some steps they will take. The first is that they will give you local anesthetic around the area where the tooth is being pulled. This will make the entire area numb so you do not feel anything. Sometimes they will even put you under so you can sleep through the entire process. Then your dentist will cut away at the part of the bone tissue and gums that go over the tooth, then grab the tooth and slowly wiggle it out. Then the dentist will place gauze inside the socket to help with the bleeding.


If you need to have a tooth pulled you should know that it is a very common procedure for family dentistry practices. Make sure you tell your dentist about any medications you are currently on and any medical history. You should also tell your dentist if you have an immune disease, a joint that is artificial, liver disease, a heart defect, or a damaged heart valve.


After the tooth is pulled you should be able to go home right away. Recovery should only take up to a few days. There are some things you can do to help speed up the recovery and make everything less painful. You should first take any pain medications they recommend as you need them. Change the gauze as needed and make sure you are biting down on it with firm pressure. Also, limit activity for a few days. Rinse your mouth with a saltwater mix. Avoid straws for the first couple days as this could lead to dry sockets. Also, brush your teeth as you normally would but do not brush near where the tooth was pulled.
If you think you are in need of a tooth extraction and are in the Denver area contact Inverness Family Dentistry today. They are a trusted family dentistry as well as a cosmetic dentist that will provide you with the best care.