Buying Recreational Marihuana for the First Time? Remember These 5 Tips

Life is always full of “firsts.” Your first steps, your first car, your first home, the list goes on for personal achievements that you obtain as you grow older and wiser.

And then there are “firsts” that just cannot be compared with any other milestone. Having your first drink after coming of legal age is not so much of an achievement, yet it remains unforgettable to many of us. Buying your first batch of recreational marihuana remains an experience that can be both anxiety-inducing and exciting for those who have never had the opportunity to purchase marijuana from a licensed cannabis dispensary before.

However, if you are about to buy recreational marihuana from a licensed cannabis boutique, then chances are that you are already in a marihuana-friendly state, and thus you do not have much to worry about.

With that being said, there are still a few things you need to keep in mind while paying your first visit to the local cannabis dispensary.  Follow these simple tips to be in line with the law and have a great experience overall.

Avoid hassles and troubles by following these simple and quick tips.

Recreational Marihuana


  • Remember to Keep Your ID handy. Living in one of the 9 U.S states that have legalized the use of recreational marihuana does not exempt you from carrying your ID.  A valid drivers license is needed for those who wish to procure marijuana from a licensed cannabis dispensary.
  • Ensure to Check How Much You Can Buy and Carry. Different states have varying limits of how much recreational marihuana you can buy in one transaction. Make sure to check the local guidelines to make sure that you are in the clear under your state’s law.
  • Make Sure to Know What You Want. If you are excited enough to be looking online at how to buy marijuana safely and effectively, then we bet you would already know what you want as your first purchase. However, it is best to decide whether you would want to buy flower, edibles or concentrates before you visit the cannabis dispensary so that you know exactly what to get.
  • Ensure Not to Start Consuming It on the Way. Most states would not take lightly to your smoking or consuming marijuana on the sidewalk, even if you are on the way home.  Keep your enthusiasm in check and wait until you reach home before you start enjoying your purchase.


  • Be Wary of the Intoxication Effects. While intoxication by recreational marihuana is not harmful, it can still land you in some hairy situations if you are consuming it for the first time and are unsupervised. Have a friend or two over while you experience your first consumption of marijuana to make sure that you stay safe.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your visit to the cannabis boutique as well as the return trip home with your recreational marihuana. You and your friends will be glad you did.

Always remember to smoke responsibly and to comply with your local laws and regulations for a great experience.