The window replacement business is doing better than it has in nearly thirty years. By the end of last month companies such as had reached historic sales numbers, and their stocks were going through the roof. There seems to be no end to the demand that is being seen for replacement window right now, and many window companies from overseas have even taken notice of the amazing sales numbers that can be seen for replacement windows here in our country, causing many international window makers to set their marks on selling over here. What many of the companies that are looking to get a slice of the window replacement action are probably wondering is; why are so many people looking for widow replacement right now? Below we have made a little list of the most common reasons why people are getting their old windows replaced right now.

There has been a major expansion of window styles that has taken place in recent years, and that has sparked a new passion for window which most people never had before. It would be difficult to understate the importance of windows for the overall appearance of a home, so it is somewhat surprising that until recently there has been very little attention given to window design. Of course, there have always been very elite window companies that have produced fancy windows for the wealthier folks, but not much thought had been given to the window design needs of normal people. A few years ago a number of the largest window makers in the country started to produce windows that were made specifically to please home designers and home decorators, and this sparked a lot of new enthusiasm with home owners. All of a sudden, window replacement wasn’t just about making sure the house had windows that didn’t look awful, it was about having the most beautiful windows on the block. Nowadays, almost all window replacement makers are producing window that are designed to capture the eye, and that has been perhaps the biggest reason why people buy replacement windows today.

The quality of the windows being manufactured today is another big reason why people are buying replacement windows. In the past windows were made with some very simple and inexpensive components, which is why older windows are famous for breaking so easily. The majority of windows today are made from fiberglass, not traditional, cheap glass. Fiberglass windows are harder to break than other windows, making them ideal for areas of the country where harsh weather conditions can mean serious damage to windows that are not made to withstand high winds and heavy rains. Fiber glass is also popular because even when it breaks it doesn’t splinter into a thousand different pieces like traditional glass. The tendency to splinter into so many little pieces is what makes broken glass such a potential danger to people. The improved quality that is being used to make modern windows is another major reason why so many folks are going out to get new windows today.