How product packaging can attract customers

Retail packagingProduct packaging is often underestimated as a throwaway part of manufacturing and design. However, it’s an absolutely crucial part of marketing and promotion. Although packaging is discarded by the consumer eventually, it is responsible for drawing them in and helping to push the sale. In the same way that you wouldn’t gift a loved one a present without wrapping it up, you should never neglect the packaging of your products. Here are a few ways that custom packaging attracts more customers to your business:


Your brand is what makes you stand out from the competition, it’s your unique selling point and part of the reason your customers trust the products you sell. Therefore, it’s important that your product packaging is completely on-brand, as this is what is going to catch the eye of your target audience from the shelves. Many shoppers are loyal to the products they love, so make it easy for them to find yours again by maintaining a consistent and easily distinguishable style.

First impressions count

It’s not just returning customers that product packaging is important for, but new ones too. Because the packaging is on the outside of your product, it’s the first contact a consumer will have with it, so it needs to be good. If the customer has never heard of your brand before, the packaging will be doing all the work your flyers, website and social media usually do. Professional packaging really is a must otherwise shoppers will just carry on walking without even picking up your product.

Primes the product

Product packaging isn’t just about your brand, but about your product too, and each one has a slightly different audience and target market. Let your packaging call out to the right person so that they know the contents were made especially for their needs. For example, extravagant designs can hint that the product is a luxury one, and quality packaging materials indicate that it’s for shoppers interested in items with a higher price tag. More budget-conscious shoppers may be on the lookout for a more simplistic style, like clear packaging, as they can be sure what they see inside is what they’re getting.

Lure in impulse buyers

Although packaging can make it easier for customers to build loyalty, it can also be the trigger to an impulse buy. There are plenty of shoppers who make split-second decisions while out and about based on a product’s packaging. People might decide to buy if they like the colors, symbols, or even texture of your packaging. If you stand out from the crowd, the impulse will be for consumers to buy your product rather than the blander-looking ones of your competitors.

Packaging has immense marketing power when done right. Allow your amazing product to shine and don’t throw away all those hours spent on development as a result of poorly designed packaging. Get packaging savvy today and find the perfect way to attract even more customers to your business.