How retail packaging can affect your business

Retail PackagingYou might think that retail packaging is just the box or carton that your product is sold to customers in: but it’s actually much more important than that. Packaging is a major influence – perhaps the most important – on consumer buyer behavior. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? You’re not meant to do so, but we all do anyway, don’t we? And when it comes to packaging, we’re hugely judgmental.

Poor packaging can be very detrimental to your business

In the internet age, when e-commerce is the most popular way of purchasing products, the physical relationship between the buyer and the seller is hugely reduced – the only physical interaction the two parties now have is in terms of the retail packaging the product is sold in. It’s therefore vitally important that you get it right. Shoddy packaging communicates the message that you don’t care about your product or the customers who buy it, while well-made packaging with an attractive design gets across exactly the opposite.

Customers could get the wrong idea

If your retail packaging doesn’t accurately tie in with the rest of your marketing strategy (link to article on this), the result could be a lack of synergy in terms of your marketing messages across different platforms. This could result in confusion on your customers’ part as to what your business is really all about. Take the Fabuloso cleaning product as an example. It’s actually a multi-purpose home cleaner, but the manner in which it is packaged – namely in a drinks bottle – along with its bright color, could lead the buyer into believing they are instead purchasing a sports drink. This could, clearly, have catastrophic consequences for your business, which means it’s vital that you’re clear with your packaging before the product goes to market.

Think of the environment

Increasingly, people – particularly those under a certain age – are making purchasing decisions with the environment at the forefront of their mind. If the packaging that your product comes in is overly bulky, or hard to recycle, you may find that buyers start to flock to your competitor instead, resulting in decreased sales.

Social sharing

A study has suggested that 40% of consumers are more likely to share a photo of product packaging through social media when the product is interesting or gift-like. While many users find paid-for or sponsored ads annoying, they are more likely to listen to recommendations from trusted friends, so this is a huge area of untapped potential for your business. Make your retail packaging attractive and pretty and you could find your business exposed to a new target market.


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