How to Find a Labradoodle Breeder You Will Love

Highlands Australian CobberdogsAre you looking for a Labradoodle breeder? Have you decided that a labradoodle puppy would be perfect for you and your family and you’re looking for the perfect person to deliver your puppy? I can be difficult to find a responsible breeder whose practices you trust and who you enjoy working with. However, there are many Labradoodle breeders out there to choose from. It should not be difficult to find one who will be perfect for you.

Start by talking to people who you know who have Labradoodles. Ask them where they got their puppies and what they thought of the Labradoodle breeder. Even if they didn’t like their breeder, you are getting valuable information. You are finding out who you do not want to work with. You can also get suggestions for Labradoodle breeders online. While you may not want to choose a puppy simply based on the website, this can give you a great place to start as far as people to contact. Make sure that you find a breeder who can get the dog to you. If you choose a breeder who lives far away, you may have to drive that far simply to get your new puppy.

Once you have a list of several breeders, contact the ones you were most interested in working with. If at all possible, visit the breeders home or kennel area. Make sure that you asked to see at least one of the parents of the puppies that you will be getting. This can help you see the future as far as what your dog might look like and how they might act. You should also look at the premises. Make sure that the area where the dogs are kept is clean and odor-free. You should also make sure that all of the dogs you see look like they’ve been cleaned, fed well, and have good energy. If you see signs of malnutrition or illness, you may not want to get a puppy from this breeder.

Look, too, and how do puppies respond to their Labradoodle breeder. Make sure that the breeder seems to actually care for the puppies, and that it appears that the puppies have gotten individual attention. You should also see how the breeder interacts with their adult dogs. If the dogs shy away from the breeder or don’t like strangers, this can be a red flag.

You may want to ask a Labradoodle breeder about the health of the dogs, specifically that of any dogs you were thinking of purchasing. The reader should be straightforward with you about any health conditions that they’re dogs have demonstrated or that seemed to go along with the breed. Every breed has certain health conditions that it is at risk for. If your Labradoodle breeder is not honest with you about these, you may want to choose a different breeder.

If you are looking for Labradoodle breeders, contact us at Highlands Australian Cobberdogs. We have Labradoodles on-site who would make great dogs for you and your family.