Post op rehab gets you back on your feet and feeling good.

http://www.coloradoorthorehab.comWhile most people feel quite anxious before they go in for surgery, the actual work for the patient starts once it’s over. The surgeon is the one doing the work during surgery while the patient is under anesthesia, but once the patient comes out and wakes up, the long road to recover begins. It’s hard enough having to get through the first two weeks of being on all sorts of medications to deal with the pain, but after that’s all over, the patient then has to be begin their post op rehab.

The type of rehab that the patient ends up going through after their operation is going to depend on the type of surgery they had. If someone has open-heart surgery, then there’s not going to be a whole lot of physical exercise in their post op rehab, at least not until their doctor and surgeon feel that it’s okay for them to start doing. However, if someone goes in for a knee or hip replacement, then it’s important for them to start on their post op rehabilitation as soon as possible. The sooner they can get started on their post op rehab, the sooner they’re going to be up and on their feet and doing the things they love to do. The longer a person waits to start their rehab when they’ve had a joint replacement of some kind, the more difficult that rehab is going to be. It’s critical that within about a week they’re starting on their rehab.

Although rehab is specific to each individual and the type of surgery they had, the vast majority of post op rehab is going to include some form of physical therapy. Physical therapy is the field of medicine that’s involved with helping people who are dealing with some sort of joint, bone, or muscle issue. It could be chronic pain, it could be issues with mobility, or it could be a person who recently had surgery and who needs to get their joint back up and running. The type of physical therapy that a physical therapist runs a patient through is going to depend on their situation, their physical health, and their age. Obviously, if a physical therapist is working with a professional athlete who recently had surgery to repair a torn ACL, they’re going to be able to put them through tougher exercises than they would someone in their 60s who just had a knee replacement. Still, both patients in these hypothetical situations are going to get taken through a series of exercises, activities, and stretches to help them get the portion of their body that was worked on back up and running. The sooner a patient can start working on their mobility and strength with a physical therapist, the sooner they’re going to be back on their feet and feeling like they should.

The key to having a successful rehab is finding a great physical therapist to guide you through it. In Colorado, an example of such a clinic is definitely Colorado Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists. They’ve been in operation since 2005, and there’s a reason why so many people choose them to handle their post op rehabilitation.