Significant Benefits Offered By The EPA Cleanup Program Right Now

At present various factors like mishaps, spills, improper disposal, as well as handling of dangerous materials plus wastes in the past, not to mention leaks, have formed numerous sites across the nation which have polluted the land, water, and air significantly. To combat this issue, different types of cleanup programs have been developed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) along with its state as well as territorial partners for assessing and also cleaning up these hazardous areas. These cleanups can be performed by the EPA, other municipalities or states, federal agencies, or the part or organization that is accountable for this contamination. Below, we have mentioned some significant benefits provided by the EPA cleanup program right now.

1. Keeps the water clean

The Clean Water Act has been enforced by the EPA with the intention of preventing the water in the country to become contaminated. This is very crucial in terms of holding polluters responsible for significant disasters such as the Cuyahoga River Fire in which a heavily contaminated river went ablaze in Ohio in 1969. Another example can be cited of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which happened in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Keeps the air clean

The EPA has been safeguarding public health and welfare for the past 5 decades by imposing the Clean Air Act, and it will be able to thwart as many as 232,000 premature demises by 2020. This is simply astounding for the country’s economy as well.

3. Helps the states to protect their environments

More than 40% of its funding is handed out by the EPA to the states in an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the air and the water.

4. Helps to maintain the Superfund program

The EPA is accountable for maintaining the Superfund program which aids the communities to reclaim and also put back to utilize the land which was polluted by the fossil fuel industry.

5. Produces safer chemicals

The EPA makes use of sound scientific techniques to produce relatively safer chemical substances while safeguarding us from the perilous ones too. None would like to have any harmful chemical like lead, mercury, or formaldehyde in the water they consume.

6. Makes sure that every company in the country abides by the law

The EPA ensures that the law is followed by every single company in the US for safeguarding air and water. For instance, the EPA revealed the fact that Volkswagen tricked the emission tests for vehicles and cooperated with California for making the company responsible for polluting the air in California. Incidentally, Volkswagen was likewise made to clean the air too.

7. Prevents the risk of pesticides

Toxic pesticides can prove to be a menace in case they are not controlled properly. However, the EPA ensures that the residents of the state do not apply anything on their bodies or on their lands that can damage their health.

8. Minimizes waste

The EPA helps to minimize waste and also aids in cleaning up when detrimental substances can pollute the land to a great extent. This consists of waste materials from the fossil fuel power plants, landfills, and so forth.

There are several more benefits offered by the EPA cleanup program which have not been mentioned in this article. In case you would like to enrich your knowledge on this particular topic, feel free to go online and look at the relevant videos and articles out there.