These are the top 3 most common reasons people hire a legal separation lawyer

legal separation lawyer

Nearly everyone knows a couple who has gotten a divorce. Whether it is their friends, parents, or even themselves, couples who decide not to stay together are a fairly common occurrence in modern American society. There are many reasons why couples begin to have problems. After all, couples are just made up of two individual people with different personalities, ideas and needs who decide to try and merge those things to align with another person. Sometimes this works well. Other times it does not. Both are normal. Here are a few of the most common reasons people seek out legal separation lawyers:

  1. Money problems- It comes as no surprise to most people that couples who have financial problems often end up seeking divorce or separation. Studies suggest that money is one of the most fought-about topics between couples and these constant fights and disagreements can often lead to more pointed action such as separation. Money is a sensitive subject for many and it can become a huge burden on a couple, particularly if they are dealing with bankruptcy, overspending, medical bills and more. Money is often an issue that couples cannot overcome and may lead to divorce.
  2. Addiction- Dealing with addiction of a spouse is difficult on so many levels. It is emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially draining to a family and is one of the factors that can easily tear a marriage apart and create the need for a divorce lawyer. Addiction can come in many forms from substance abuse like drugs or alcohol to behavioral addictions such as sex or gambling. Some of these even occur in conjunction with one another. Any of these types of addictions put a lot of strain on a couple and a family and often become the source of animosity and unhappiness, which can then easily lead to divorce.
  3. Infidelity- Another extremely common issue that may lead to divorce is infidelity. When one spouse cheats on the other, it can cause anger, sadness, feelings of betrayal, insecurity and lack of trust. All of these feelings are barriers to a healthy relationship and for many couples, are an impossible feat to overcome. When love and trust turns to suspicion and blame, it can be increasingly more difficult to hold a marriage together, increasing the need for acquiring a legal separation attorney. Infidelity, however, is also a tricky subject during divorce because it can deeply sway how money is allocated, particularly if there was a prenuptial agreement. Often times lawyers can ensure that the person who was cheated on fares better financially after the dissolution of the marriage.

Of course there are many more reasons that people may choose to get divorced, however these are some of the most common ones that divorce lawyers see on a regular basis. It is important to remember that people are not perfect and they are always changing. What they need in a partner or relationship may change too, and that may be the reason for a split as well.