Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Between Metal, Diamond and Custom Engagement Rings

For those who are in love and ready for commitment, there is no greater experience than offering to share their life and joy in the form of a marriage proposal.

And with the notion of the marriage proposal also comes the task of choosing an engagement ring that is a token of appreciation for the one that you love.

While working through the courage to ask someone to marry you, especially the person who you love dearly, you also have to work through the task of choosing through an array of engagement rings.diamond jewelry

These engagement rings can come in the form of pure and simple wedding bands; in intricate designs through diamond engagement rings; or even more elaborate styles in custom engagement rings.

Choosing through this wide selection could be quite a task. However, it could turn into a potential walk in the park if you know what you are doing.

To help you gather your thoughts before your trip to a jeweler, here is a list of the type of engagement rings that you can choose from.


Wedding Bands Style Rings

As you may already know, wedding bands are the simplest form of rings that you could get. However, they carry a certain style statement that cannot be emulated from another style of rings.

If your loved one likes minimalist design in their jewelry and clothing, then looking into wedding bands style engagement rings could be an ideal choice. But going simple doesn’t mean you have to go bland. You can choose to have these rings made in different metals such as platinum, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

In case your loved one enjoys some sparkle in their jewelry, then you could also have them accentuated with different kinds of diamonds in various styles.


Diamond Engagement Rings

In this form, you can enjoy a wide variety of premade styles that have been created by jewelry designers all over the world.

In this segment, you would have an array of diamond engagement rings designs to choose from. Styles such as solitaire rings, three-stone rings, and halo or completely diamond-encrusted rings would be at your disposal.

Here, you would have to keep your loved one’s preference in mind. It’s because depending upon their choice, they wouldn’t only wear the engagement ring until the wedding but also wear it afterwards in combination with the wedding band, or as a separate diamond jewelry accessory.


Custom Engagement Rings

If your fiancé-to-be is one that appreciates intricate designs and bespoke creations, then looking into custom engagement rings would be a great idea.

In this segment, you could make use of various design choices (that in most cases) would be one of a kind. You could choose asymmetrical styles, pair up several cuts and colors of diamonds and gemstones, and have unique designs made to present to your loved one to show your appreciation towards them.

Of course, this approach would only work if they would appreciate that kind of a gesture and design. Thus, make sure that you keep their personal preference in mind as you move forward with this choice.