Three reasons every gym should purchase fitness club revenue management systems. we go into the reasons why it’s important for gym owners everywhere to purchase fitness club revenue management systems, let’s first talk about exactly what these systems are. A fitness club revenue management system is a form of software that both processes payments for the club and keeps track of who’s paid. These systems are automated, meaning they debit members’ accounts on a regular basis and for a set amount of money. You likely have a few auto-payments yourself, whether it’s your rent, your credit card bill, or your cell phone. Fitness club revenue management systems work in the exact same way. They charge members their membership fees, and they also alert members who haven’t paid. In such instances, they contact those members and give them a certain amount of time to pay their membership or their account is terminated.

Now that you understand exactly what fitness club revenue management software is, let’s look at the three reasons why every gym owner should purchase it.

1. More Money. Everyone likes more money, including gym owners, and that’s exactly what revenue management software solutions provide. These systems are completely automated and run by software, which means they never make a mistake. If someone is supposed to be debited their gym membership on a certain day, that’s exactly what the software is going to do. Thus, no payments are ever missed. If a payment doesn’t go through for whatever reason, the software will notify the gym owner and the member, and that member will be blocked from entering the gym until they pay their membership. This also saves the gym money because they don’t have a bunch of people who haven’t paid their dues attending their classes and keeping paying members from doing so because the classes are too full. If non-paying people are filling up classes, paying members get upset, and they might drop their membership. That’s definitely not good for business.

2. Accurate/Convenient. Along the same lines, these revenue management solutions are accurate and convenient. As was mentioned, they don’t make mistakes because they’re operated by computers and software, and because they’re operate by computers and software, no one is spending their time on this function of the gym. There’s just no reason why any gym in the country should be processing payments in any other way.

3. Reduces Work. The final reason why gym owners should purchase gym revenue management solutions like Debitsuccess from TSG is because it reduces the amount of work the gym owner/manager has to do. Rather than having to pour over the books each month to see who has paid and who hasn’t, as well as actually collecting those payments, the software does it all for them. Thus, they have more time to do the things they actually like to do, like managing their staff and purchasing new equipment. Revenue management solutions remove all payment processing from the manager or owner’s workload. Given that they’re also more accurate and effective at collecting payments, it’s a no-brainer that every gym should be using them.