Tips on Retail Packaging and Getting Customers to Pick Up your Products

When it comes to selling products in retail stores, the environment can be quite tough with a lot of competing brands vying for the attention of the customers passing by. While it’s one thing to make a good product, it’s another to make your product look good in the eyes of the consumer. Achieving this goal involves the proper design of the retail packaging of the product. Now good retail packaging involves the use of color and imagery to draw the customer in and be able to communicate to the customer about the product through information on the packaging. But if the customer doesn’t pick the product up, it would be all in vain.

retail packaging design

retail packaging

Truly effective and well-designed retail packaging is able to entice the consumer to picking in up from the retail shelf which will really increase the chance of that consumer purchasing the product. If you want your customers to interact with your products, you have to keep in mind that both visual and tactile elements are required. With this in mind, it will be a lot easier to make decisions on how to design the retail packaging that will entice interaction. So to get more into detail, here are a few tips on how you can design retail packaging to get customers to pick up the product.

  1. Pick out materials and components that are cohesive – It is always best to be consistent with the retail packaging components of your products. This will make it so that different products of the same line can work together and look as a set. This removes any confusion for consumers between your products and also show the consistent quality between the different products. Take note that consistency shows quality to your consumers.
  2. Materials must correspond to the price you are selling the product for – If your product is an economy product or a luxury one, you should package it correspondingly. When choosing materials, make sure they are attractive and also give the customer an idea of how much the product is going to cost. When designing the retail packaging, you will want to make it so that customers will be proud to show your product in their homes.
  3. Utilize special accents to differentiate your premium products – If you are also selling a line of products that is of a higher quality compared to your usual line, you will want to make sure that they are distinguishable from that line. You should still use the same materials to show consistency but add in a few tweaks that will make it clear that that product is premium.
  4. Make the packaging memorable to use – The way consumers will be able to use your product will become an experience in which they will associate with your brand. If you are able to create a unique experience, then you will be able to win the hearts of consumers. In the retail packaging, consider something unique such as pump bottles, droppers, rollers, etc.