What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and How it Differs from Conventional Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) has been an established form of dent repair for quite a while now. However, it has gained newfound traction due to more and more people wanting to cut costs and time while going through repair procedures – which is something that PDR specializes in.

In case you have been wondering what exactly PDR is and why it differs from conventional dent repair, then the following information may be of help.


What is PDR?

In usual dent repair techniques, professionals utilize conventional tools and procedures, such as hammering out the car’s body to smooth out dents and bumps. While this achieves their goal of making the exterior look as smooth as when the care came out of the manufacturer’s, it damages the car’s paint to the point where it has to go through a paintjob later.paintless dent repair

In cases where you can’t find partial paintjob services, the whole car has to go through a complete paintjob. This doesn’t only take more time but also costs a fortune, depending upon the kind of damage you have on your hands.

That’s where PDR comes in.

As the name suggests, paintless dent repair is the process of taking care of any dents in your automobile’s body without it needing a coat of paint afterwards.

This feat is achieved by PDR professionals using a set of their own tools and techniques to “massage” out the dents. This way, the dent repair is done without the use of any tools that could harm the paint, which saves you time, efforts, and costs in the long run.


It Costs Less Than Conventional Dent Repair

Another thing that sets PDR apart from conventional dent repair is the fact that it costs less.

It’s mostly because in conventional dent repair, you have to pay for the professional repairing the dents and painting over the affected area afterwards. Whereas, in PDR, you only have to pay for the dents being massaged or smoother over.

This speaks largely in the favor of PDR, and why you should prefer it over conventional dent repair services.


It May Not Work for Massive Dents

PDR works best in situations that involve small to medium sized dents. If you have a car that has gone through an unfortunate accident so severe that it has massive dents in it, then PDR might not be the answer.

With that being said, the results that it brings to the table for most situations are pretty impressive, which is why it is considered as a sound replacement for conventional dent repair in such cases.


It Takes Less Time Than Conventional Repairs

As mentioned above, PDR also takes less time than conventional dent repair. This translates to an easier and straightforward repair process, without you having to go through the many difficulties of first getting your car’s dents repaired and then having the paintjob done by itself.

Overall, the ways that PDR differs from conventional repair techniques is due to positively contrasting features. Therefore, make sure that whenever it is possible for you, you take the route of PDR and contact a proficient PDR professional accordingly.